Thursday, 3 January 2013

☺ quick film review! ☺

Hi guys I thought i'd do a quick film review for you!
So yesterday I was bored and still overly tired from New Years so I decided to watch a film as I had no energy to do anything at at all. Now, I am OBSESSED with Michael Fassbender at the moment (he's perfection, enough said) so I thought I'd watch Shame as I've seen a lot of the other films he's starred in and wow, it was the most depressing thing i've ever seen in my life!


So the film revolves around Michael Fassbender's character (who's a sex addict) and how his sister comes to live with him. From the moment his sister (Carey Mulligan) arrives you can tell that they're relationship is dysfunctional, but you never really find out why. One of the complaints I have about this film is that it never really goes anywhere until the end. The whole film just sees him canoodling with various women and going on dates with them. Towards the end it starts to get a bit more eventful and we see Michael Fassbender get beaten up (this upset me greatly) as he was hitting on a very intimidating mans girlfriend, at this part of the film we realise that Michael's character has spiralled out of control for example he masturbates at work and that and he goes to a gay bar and it's just wow. It's not like a 'oh my god sex and naked men!!!!' film because it's got a really sad vibe about it, so the nudity isn't really a big issue. Finally at the end of the film we see Michael (who's been distant to Carey's character the whole film) ignore his sisters calls and she leaves him a message saying "we're not bad people we just come from a bad place" which hints to why the two of them have such a strange relationship????? I don't know, this bit really confused me if i'm honest. The final moments are the film are horrible, being terrible afraid of veins & blood & anything like that I completely freaked out as Michael tries to find his sister and when he does she has slit her wrists in the bathroom. And there's a lot of blood, I wish someone had warned me about that as it really got to me! Thankfully Carey is alive and then the film ends. 

I don't really know what to think about this film. I mean I really really love Michael Fassbender so I feel like I should love this film but it really bummed me out! I knew it wouldn't be a light film to watch but I didn't realise it would be so dark. There's a lot of prostitutes, a lot of masturbating and a lot of running (on Michael's part). 

This isn't really my type of film, so maybe that's why I didn't understand it or enjoy it as much as I hoped. Oh don't get me wrong, Michael Fassbender was amazing, he's a great actor AND THAT BODY, WOW. The thing is that i'm more of a cuddle up in bed with a cup of tea and watch a rom-com person, I'm not used to films that tragic and it was a real shock to me! Anyways sorry for a long un! 

Thanks for reading x 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

☺ new barry m products ☺

Now I have quite the soft spot for sparkly girly things so I recently bought the Barry M Glitter Nail Paint in Amethyst and I love it! Its a multi glitter suspended in a clear polish, which looks great over a black base, which is how i've been wearing it.

For only £2.99, I think it's a really good quality polish, I'm a big fan of Barry M products! The glitter nail paint range has some lovely shades so I will definitely be buying some more of the glitter products!

I'd also like to review the Barry M Lipstick in shade 121. It's a matte bright red shade, which is nice enough but I did have some problems with this product. I quite like the packaging as it's simple but what I found was that the lipstick wouldn't give off a smooth enough effect on the lips. I'm not sure if that makes sense but what  i mean is that it shows off all the lumps and horrible skin on your lips, so you have to have perfectly exfoliated lips to rock this lipstick! For £4.49 I wasn't expecting much, and I wasn't that disappointed - Also the shade doesn't really suit my skin tone so that's my fault!

☺ ear cuffs & VIP asos ☺

So i've recently become an Asos addict, especially as the sale is on at the moment, so when I realised that they were offering the VIP package for just £10 I felt inclined to get it! If you don't know what the VIP package is, it enables you to get free next day delivery for a whole year - seeing as next day delivery is usually just over £5, this offer is incredible but only on for a limited time so go go go get it!

On one of my Asos shopping sprees (maybe i should do a haul?) I decided to buy a set of 3 mismatch ear cuffs! Now i've wanted to get my cartilage pierced for a while now but the truth is, I have a terribly low pain thresh hold and i'm really scared it would hurt! So instead I opted for ear cuffs, because honestly they look exactly like cartilage rings! 
 As you can see in the photo to the left, there are three mismatch cuffs, all super cute and definitely worth the £6 I paid! In the photo of the model wearing these on the Asos website, she wears all 3 cuffs on the cartilage on the top of her ear. Now I have quite small ears so my cartilage looked a bit overloaded with all 3 on, so I have opted to wearing the thin bamboo design hoop and the solid cuff on the top of my ear cartilage and the 3 ringed cuff on the bottom cartilage of the other ear, and I feel this balances out the ears a bit more and looks a bit more stylish!

Thank you for reading and i'll see you next time! 

☺ katy perry lashes ☺

So i'm a total eyelash freak. I love a good pair of false lashes and i'm not afraid to wear them out day to day. The only problem that I have is trying to find a good quality pair of fake eyelashes that look natural enough for people not to look at me and think 'wow someone's a diva' (although i do like to think of myself as one). So when last shopping on Asos, I decided to see if they had anything good to offer, and well they did! 
I ordered the Oh, Honey! Lashes by Eylure with Katy Perry, and I was really pleasantly surprised!
As well as the cute packaging it has (see below), the lashes are of a lovely quality and the glue was good too! The lashes look quite natural but just give your own lashes a nice boost great for going out in the daytime! 

I was also really impressed with the price, I got mine for just £6 from Asos, which I think is incredibly reasonable for the quality of the lashes and I just love the packaging so much, I mean look at it! It's adorable! 

I would really recommend these lashes, they're good for both going out in the night and in the day! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! x

☺ introduction ☺

Hi guys! Welcome to the blog. For my first blog post i thought i'd just explain a little bit about what this blog will include. This year, to be a little bit different, i decided to take up a new hobby - seeing as i'm terrible at sports, drawing, anything else productive, I thought i'd start a blog where I start to review things. Although this blog will mostly be dedicated to clothes & beauty products, I may also review things such as movies, music, anything that takes my fancy!
Thank you very much for reading this little introduction to the blog and I hope you enjoy!