♡ about me ♡

I'd like to introduce myself properly. 
My name is Flo and I come from a little town near to London. I've never really run a blog like this before, of course I have my tumblr but I mostly just reblog photos and that, so this a new thing for me!
I have a passion for clothes and beauty, I'm constantly touching up my makeup and looking to buy new clothes, but I feel like I had nowhere to express how much i love jewellery, clothes, makeup and hair products because really, no one I know in real life wants to hear me lecture them on how to set their foundation properly or how to keep their hair soft if they've recently dyed it.
Anyways there's not much left to say (yet) so thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy! Oh also, you can find out more about me and my personality on my tumblr and my twitter, thanks for reading! 

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